Cassidy is a graphic designer that earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Keene State College in 2016. As a designer she enjoys designing backwards. First, Cassidy, thinks about how sustainable the final product must be. Then the diversity of the brand. To strengthen the green aspect of a concept, product, or brand Cassidy, finds it very important to collaborate with others. For example, brainstorming together to strengthen a products shelf life, or make a brand more visually appealing. Once a system is nailed as a team, it is easier to riff on. 

Cassidy can't go anywhere without getting inspired by a logo with a great force connection, wanting to restore products, or recycling old. She has become a hoarder of packaging, books, and paper that can be used for other purposes rather than just design. Cassidy is passionate about both the environment and graphic design, she has found her bliss in between.

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